Friday, March 28, 2014

Fashion Look: LC by Lauren Conrad Sweater

I'm sharing a *Fashion Look* today. I always say this is a fashion and beauty blog and in the 50+ posts I've created on this blog, I have yet to really show any fashion. This is something I recognize I need to work on and progress is going to start right now!
This is an Early Spring Look featuring a sweater by LC Lauren Conrad, which is sold exclusively at Kohl's. You cannot buy this sweater anymore, but it retailed for around $40 when I bought it. I believe it was originally $54, but Kohl's is a department store and you know they never sell their clothing at the full retail value that is marked on the tag. The sweater is a mint green cable knit that is very light and leans towards the grey side. It may vary color depending on your screen settings.

I have paired it a pair of ripped jeans by Bullhead, which is sold exclusively at Pac Sun. They were around $45. I feel the ripped jeans give this look a little edge.

As for LC Lauren Conrad- I find her line to be on the vintage side. If you're into the vintage, boho, or classic fashion scenes you'll like her line of clothing. I find her clothing to fit true-to-size in most cases with a few items running a little big. I have heard her dresses run a size small, but I have never bought any of the dresses from her line.
Here is a closer look at the sweater. You can see the see-through lace that is so delicate at the top. I love when you see 2 extremes paired together that set each other off just right. In this case, it's something elegant with something edgy.
Here is a a close-up of the make-up. The eyes and blush are from the New Year's Countdown palette from em Michelle Phan. The foundation is the Amazonian Clay Foundation by Tarte and the contouring is just simply the bronzer from a Few of My Favorite Things palette from Too Faced. The lips are Instigator from MAC.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Make-Up Look: On Trend - Neutral Eye & Red Lip

I'm sharing a look I did that follows the current trend of a more neutral eye-look that is paired with a bright lip; the trend seems to be leaning towards a bright red lip, which is what I'm wearing in the pictures.
I used Tarte's Amazonian Clay Foundation for my face and Too Faced Shadow Insurance to prime my eyes. My lips are MAC's RiRi Woo. The eye look and cheeks come from the em Michelle Phan Ice Bunny palette. I lined my eyes with Buxom's Lashliner in "Leatherette"
I wore this look out for dinner with my fiance. I think it turned out pretty well and I'm really impressed by the way the blush complimented my skin tone.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spotted & Review: Salon Perfect - Love Lacquer and Lashes

Last week I spotted a new display by Salon Perfect at Walmart. It reads "Love Lashes and Lacquer" and I'm assuming this was meant for Valentine's Day, but my Walmart must have been late putting it out. I've not heard too much about this display or it's contents anywhere else in the blogosphere. I read a couple of sources that said they also spotted these, fully stocked, in March and not February. Oh, well. Better late than never.
The display had both lashes and nail polish on it. It was at the very end of an aisle and it was on the side of an endcap. (In retail, we call these type of displays "Sidekicks", as they go on the sides of an endcap to "enhance" it and/or the aisle.) The display had both limited edition and permanent products.
All of the lashes and lash products on the display are permanent. No limited edition items there, which was a little disappointing. I really like the limited edition eyelashes they have come out with in the past for Halloween and the holidays; there is so much they could have done here.
The polishes on the display are are mixed of permanent and limited edition. Whoever set up the display did not put the polishes in the correct order. Not 1 row was correctly done, but let me do my best to tell you which polishes are limited edition and which are not. They retail for $3.98.
  • "One Love" Limited Edition (top coat) -this is the very 1st polish on the left.
  • "Hearts a Flutter" Limited Edition (top coat) -this is the 3rd polish from the left.
  • "Touchy Feely" Limited Edition (top coat) -this is actually the 4th to last polish and they left out the "y" on the name on the display.
  • "Loves Me, Loves Me Not" Limited Edition (top coat) -this is the 2nd to last polish.
  • "Cosmic Black" permanent (top coat) -3rd polish from the end.
  • "He's With Me!" permanent -very last polish.
  • "In Love" permanent -2nd polish from the left.
So, now for the good part- Swatches! I did some quick swatches on my nails. The paint job isn't perfect, but it's the swatching part that counts!
Here is "Loves Me, Loves Me Not" on the Thumb and Pointer fingers. This is a pink-purple micro-dot top coat. I found this top coat to dry fast and so multiple layers were no problem. On my thumb, you can see I put it over black and the pink/purple color comes through okay. On my pointer finger, it is just simply 3 layers of the top coat alone and I feel it basically just looks white and black.

"Touchy Feely" is on my Middle finger and Pinky. This is a black and white micro-dot top coat. My ring finger sports 3 coats of it by itself and 2 coats over black polish on my pinky. This was also a very fast drying top coat and multiple layers were no problem.
An up-close look at "Touchy Feely". Pretty simply and ordinary if you ask me. Nothing too special. I think this is an easy $3.98 to save.
An up-close look at "Loves Me, Loves Me Not". It's kind of hard to see the pink-purple hue, but it is there. This is the better of the 2 micro-dots, but nothing to rave about.
Another comparison of "Loves Me, Loves Me Not" and "Touchy Feely". Really, not enough difference in my opinion.
"One Love" is a multi-holographic glitter top coat. You can see it with 3 coats on it's own on my Pinky, I put it over a light mint color and over black. I love the effect when putting it over black polish.

"Hearts A Flutter" is a basic fuchsia glitter top coat mixed with gold hearts. The gold hearts are a pain to get out of the bottle. You really have to scoop to get them. Took me several attempts just to get these 2 you see on my Pointer finger and by the time you dig out a heart or 2, you will have a nice big gob of polish, making your top coat really think.
A close-up look of "One Love". This is the winner in the collection, in my opinion.
A close-up look of "Hearts A Flutter". This is cute, but it takes too much work. 

Final Verdict: While the top coats were the only limited edition products in the collection and the only products I picked up, I found they performed well, but were not really all that unique. For $3.98 a bottle I feel you could easily skip on these and similar products are on the market that you can purchase every day.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Make-Up Look: St.Patrick's Day Inspiration

I didn't have a chance to post this yesterday, because my fiance finally came home from his trip and it was a lot of hassle between Sunday night and Monday morning to get him home. However, today I'm bringing you the inspiration that I wanted to share yesterday. I realize this would have been way more effective yesterday, but what can you do when Delta ruins your night and morning? - This is a green smokey eye, but the shade of green is a little different than what you usually see.
  • I started from the inner corner of my eye and worked outwards, using "Clock Strikes Midnight" by EM Michelle Phan from the Holiday Life Palette New Year's Countdown edition. I made sure to blend well and really fade it out at the end of the eye.
  • I took "Mint Julep" by Meow Cosmetics from their Summer Spirits collection and put that over the dark Clock Strikes Midnight. This color is a light green with gold iridescence. It is a little sheer and light and looks best over another shade to amplify it. (This is also a limited edition collection that is released every summer.)
  • I used "Tease" from the Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay as the crease color, just to give some depth and dimension to the eye. I blended really well!
  • Also from the Naked 2 Palette, I used "Foxy" as the highlight color.
  • I lined only the bottom of my eyes with Tarina Tarantino's Eye Dream Hyperline in "Spark of Envy".
  • The lipstick is "Pleasure Bomb" from MAC's RiRi Hearts MAC holiday collection released in 2013.
Again, apologizes for this being late, but I still wanted to share. Comments are always welcome and I'd love to see your green inspired look for the holiday this year!  

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Review: Julep Mani Essentials

I'm going to give my review and take on the January Julep Maven Box in which I choose the Modern Beauty box that contains only beauty products, no polish. I know what you're thinking: "3 months late!" -Well, I didn't want to just show the box, when I felt these products could have an impact on manicures in a big way. I wanted to be able to test them and actually give a full on review of them.

Products from Left to Right:
Julep Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops: I can't say enough good things about this! I was skeptical about buying these. I had heard that the OPI one was not that effective and the Sally Hansen one had iffy reviews. This might not be essential to everyone out there, but if you're like most people who do not have a lot of time to spare in today's world and value your time then you'll want to pick this up. This stuff works within 2-3 minutes. Just drop on your nail after your final coat and they're dry in about 2 minutes. Retails for $14 or $11.20 if your'e a Maven.
Julep Vanish: Of the 3 products in the box, this has been my favorite and my life saver! I have horrible cuticles that are almost callus-like from my very hands-on job and it being winter/colder. This stuff actually does diminish your cuticles from the nail and makes them easier to push down. Just 1-3 drops on each nail is all that is needed. Then just push down with your cuticle pusher and you're done! Love it and helps free up time for me! Highly recommended. This retails for $18 or $14.40 if you're a Maven.
Julep Essential Cuticle Oil: Essentially, the name of the product says it all. This is an oil for your cuticles. I really like this. It comes in a rollerball form so it's not messy. I usually use this during the week, at night, and before I go to bed. I just roll the oil over my cuticles and let it sink in. For me, this is not something that's good to use during the day when you're working or running errands, because you need to give it time to sink into the skin. It's good for a little TLC though every night or when your cuticles need some love. I had already heard such great things about this product before it came to me, so I wasn't overly worried about the performance. This retails for $18 or $14.40 if you're a Maven.

Any questions or comments, please leave them below! Let me know what you think if you have tried any of these products!

Make-Up Look: Blue Sunset

I'm bringing you a look today created by My Beauty Addiction's mineral eyeshadow from their Rainbow Bright collection.
  • On the inner corner of the eye I used "Champ", which is a bright blue.
  • I used "Spark" on the outter corner, which is a bright yellow.
  • In the crease I used "O.J.", which is a bright orange.
  • I used "Twink", a bright matte white, as the highlight color.
Side note- The liner is "Cobalt Vault" which was released from the Fergie collection by Wet N Wild. It is a limited edition liner that was released in the fall of 2013, but it re-released for the holidays later in 2013. If you're wanting to get your hands on it you may still be able to find it in some drugstores, particularly Walgreens. A lot of times, I'll see a few items stuck with the regular merchandise that haven't sold yet from limited edition collections. - The lipstick is by Maybelline from their Vivid collection and it's "#870 Shocking Coral".

Multi Purple Star Mani

I don't share my manicures very often, because I do them myself (except for like 2 times out of the year) and I do not consider myself a manicure expert. I am working at improving and hopefully you can see some improvement as time goes on from the pictures I post, but when I receive a lot of positive responses on a nail look I do then I like to share.
Today, I bring you a manicure I did using 3 different purple polishes and a silver tinsel sparkle on top! The 3 purple polishes are in the picture above.

From left to right:
  • China Glaze in "#987 Crimson" (This is a limited edition color from their 2011 "Haunting Halloween" collection.)
  • Wet N Wild in "Who Is Ultra Violet?" (This is a limited edition color from their "Pop Art Craze" collection from 2013.)
  • SinfulColors in "#1180 Sweet Tooth" (This is a limited edition color from their "Sugar Rush" collection released in 2013.)
I apologize for the glare in the picture. I had to use the flash to get the true colors to show up. 
Here is how I painted my nails. I used "Sweet Tooth" on the thumb and pinky. I used "Who Is Ultra Violet?" on my pointer finger and ring finger. I used "Crimson" on my middle finger. (The mark on my pinky finger is actually not polish, but bleeding I had underneath the skin.)
The purples looked good on their own, but I'm the type of person who loves glitter and sparkle and I finish off most of my nail looks with glitter or some sort of a different finish. I don't know why I didn't take a bottle shot of the last polish, but I used "Stars At Night" by Nicole OPI. I'm not sure if you can see on the bottle, but this color was from the Selena Gomez collection released in 2013 which has since been discontinued. You can still find this collection around in some stores, but for the most part it has been clearanced out and discontinued.

I received a lot of compliments on this look and feel free to leave your comments below!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review: Pacifica Mystical Supernatural Eye Palette

I'm reviewing the Pacifica "Mystical Supernatural" eye shadow palette today. I have had this for a while. I found it at Target on clearance. The price tag says it was originally $11.99 and I bought it for $8.38. I thought it was a good price and decent discount for me to try one of Pacifica's beauty products. I've always wanted to try them after trying some of their body creams (which I recommend), but all natural beauty products are a hit or miss and nobody wants to pay a medium sized amount of money for a miss. (Feel free to skip all the way to end to read the Final Verdict and skip the details.)
The box was pretty, but once you take the palette out of the box it's a little less eye catching. Some might prefer the simple look of the palette design, but I feel if you're going to have an extravagant box and you're going to name your palette "Mystical Supernatural" then you need an equally exotic palette case to match. Anyway, the palette is just a magnetic closure and is made of cardboard. The cardboard is more durable than a shoe box, but it's a little questionable how it would hold up if you are an intense traveler. We all know the wear that items receive when you travel or take things on the go with you a lot and I'm just not sure this one would hold up so well. I will say, that for an all natural company it does not surprise me that it would be in a recycled form of packaging. Another thing to note- the clear part over the shadows is just clear plastic and it's kind of on the flimsy side; I would find this really easy to puncture.
Well, the packaging is not the most important part. It's the performance of the product that matters most and here are the swatches! The shadows do not have names and while I prefer that shadows in palettes be given names (if they don't already have them), what can you do? I tried my best to line the swatches up with the shadows.

From left to right:
  • The 1st shadow is a light pink iridescent. In the picture it looks beige or a light skin tone color, but in real life it is pink and in the light you will definitely see the iridescence. 
  • The 2nd shadow is a pale coppery gold. It is sheer and has a nice shimmer to it.
  • The 3rd shadow is a taupe color. This is a very sheer color and once applied appears as an iridescent. It takes quite a bit of layers to get the actual color you see out of it.
  • The 4th color is a purplish blue. It looks more navy in the picture than it appears in real life. This has quite a bit of shimmer to it and is the boldest of the 4 colors.
Here is a look I created using all 4 colors.
  • I used the Taupe color all over the lid.
  • I took the Navy color and put it in the outer v and crease and then blended, which I feel really helped bring out the Taupe color.
  • I used the Gold color for the brow bone & highlight, as well as the highlight underneath my eye. I feel this color went pretty well with my skin tone.
  • Finally, I used the Pink color in the inner corner of the eye to brighten and extended it a little underneath the eye.
Final Verdict: I give this palette a 6/10. This palette is great if you're looking for a sheer wash of color or a very natural look, but none of the colors are really high in pigmentation or boldness. The shadows are super soft, apply easily, and blend easily. Without a primer, these shadows do not look as good, nor do they last that well with oily skin. When I used these without a primer I would say I had about 4-5 hours of decent wear, but then it started to fade and by the end of the day the oil from my skin pretty much dissolved it away. With primer, I had much better results and you can get a good day out of it. I think this palette would actually work better in-conjunction with other shadows/palettes than by itself. The the only other reason I give this a little bit of a lower rating, is because of the packaging. Like I said earlier, I think it'd be easy to puncture and damage the case and thus in the end damaging your shadows. - If you're looking for something with natural ingredients, sheer washes of color, and a natural eye look then you'll like this palette.

This palette is available at the Pacifica website for $14.99 and available at some Targets and on the Target website for $11.99.

Pink Tinsel Mani

If you read my last post, you will see my review and my nails done in the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat "#700 Cotton Candies". - I just wanted to show you my finished look with that mani. While, I didn't put a top coat on it, I did put a tinsel finish on it!
Using SinfulColors' "#1394 Pink Icicles", I made a cascade effect on my nails from the top. This polish was part of the limited edition holiday polishes released last year (2013). This polish looks just like a reddish-pink tinsel combined with black and white tinsel. 
I quite like how it turned out. Not necessarily a holiday-only look in my opinion. If anything, someone might associate more with Valentine's Day than Christmas. The tinsel polish is pretty easy to apply and dries fairly fast.

Beauty Battle: SinfulColors Crystal Crush vs Sally Hansen Sugar Coat

Today I bring you Beautiful Details' first ever Beauty Battle, where I put 2 similar products up against one another and compare to see who the winner is.
First, I bring you- SinfulColors Crystal Crushes in "#1365 Ruby Mine". This is a ruby red and dries to a textured finish that is pretty fine; feels like a very mild sandpaper finish. The "crystal" part of the title holds quite true. From a distance you cannot even tell it is textured. Many people asked to feel my nail, because it does not appear that textured. It applies very easily and this picture is sporting only 1 coat on each nail! The one thing that the picture does not capture well is that there is sparkle to it. I did a blog post about these limited edition crushes when they first came out and after trying out this gem here, I would highly recommend them if you can still get your hands on them or have not yet used them. This also dried quite fast. I did not use a topcoat here, because I didn't want to ruin the texture finish. I did have decent wear time with this polish. It was about 3 days before serious chipping and I wore it for 4 days before removing.
Next, I bring you the competitor: Sally Hansen's Sugar Coat in "#700 Cotton Candies". This is also a limited edition polish, but I still find these available at quite a few drug stores around here.
As for the performance- This polish was much more difficult to apply then the the SinfulColors one. It's not as smooth going on and I had to kind of blob it on at some parts to get the full nail to have complete coverage. This polish took 2-3 coats on each nail. Once dry, the polish is very textured and you can tell from the picture. It finishes to a strong sandpaper finish or kind of like spackle you would see on a ceiling. I quite like the texture and don't get scared by my descriptions, it is not rough and does not hurt anyone, however, it is much more of a texture than the Crystal Crushes. The dry time on this polish is quite fast so it does make for fast application and the coats aren't too bothersome. I did not wear a top coat with this, so I would not ruin the finish. I also had decent wear time with this polish. About 4 days before serious chipping and I went 5 days before removing.

The winner is......SinfulColors Crystal Crush in "Ruby Mine". While, I don't mind the work it takes to get the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat to be opaque, I have to hand it to SinfulColors. The major factor to me that makes the Crystal Crushes an overall winner is that fact that it took me only 1 coat! When you combine that with the fast dry time, it's a clear winner. I do like that the texture on the Sugar Coat shows up much better than the Crystal Crushes, I feel the overall performance, while similar, is edged out by the Crystal Crush. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Review: MAC Viva Glam Rihanna

In case you didn't know, MAC Cosmetics has a line of lipsticks entitled "Viva Glam" that supports Aids. Every cent goes towards support and research for the disease. This year the spokesperson and color concept collaborator was none other than singer Rihanna, who also launched her limited edition line through MAC in 2013. 
The lipstick along with it's lipglass companion was released online January-21, 2014 and I bought mine that day for $16. It was released in stores January-23, 2014 for the same price, but I wanted to make sure I received one and so I purchased online. Unfortunately, I was not home when it arrived; I was on the other side of the country visiting family. When I did come home my fiance handed me a black shipping box from MAC and inside was a beautiful, small, black box with Rihanna's signature on it. (FYI: I did not buy the lipglass. I was on the fence about it and in the end decided not to buy it.)
"Viva Glam Rihanna", as it is entitled on the website, is described as a "blue-red with a frost finish". So, the tube being both red and having that frost-like look to it suites the whole campaign well. When you feel the tube it has that rubber and frost-like finish to it, similar to NARS makeup packaging.
A MAC Frost is described as having "great color payoff with a frost/shimmer finish". In other words it is suppose to be intensely colored and have sheen to it. My first thoughts when I saw the lipstick itself were that it did not look all that blue and it did have shimmer in it. It also delivered that signature vanilla scent that MAC lipsticks have.
Here is a swatch of the lipstick. In the picture you can see the shimmer and shine to it, which keeps it separate and unique from Rihanna's previous lipsticks released with MAC that were Retro Matte finishes. The "blue" part is up for debate. Obviously, no one thought this lipstick would come out being the actual color blue or have noticeable blue coloring in it, however the tone is just not all the blue/cool to me. I actually feel it is more of a neutral red. Many people have said the same thing or have even stated that it seems more on the warm side. I've heard lighting and one's own skin tone also play a role in how it looks on someone. All I know is that for me it seems neutral.
Here is what Viva Glam Rihanna looks like on the lips. It is quite red, but definitely has shimmer to it which gives it that sheen finish or "frosted look". I like it and I feel it wears very well. You'll get about a good 6 hours out of it without touch-ups. It is not drying, but does not really offer much moisture either. If you have dry lips you'll want to add the lipglass or some gloss to it. I really do feel that this looks neutral on me, even in this picture, and does not look cool or blue-toned.

Final Verdict: This is a 9/10 only because it does not deliver that blue, cool-toned look as advertised. Other than that it is a typical MAC lipstick and I mean that in the highest regard! It performs great, looks great, and most people will find this a useful shade with the bright/red lip trend going on now! "Viva Glam Rihanna" is available in stores and online now. Both the lipstick and lipglass have not come up with shortages, so you will easily be able to get your hands on either or both if you want them.

Leave questions, comments, and links to your own reviews below! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review: MAC Punk Couture Lipsticks

The Punk Couture collection by MAC was released at the end of December of last year (2013). Most of the collection were re-promotes, which is a good thing if you wanted something you ran out of; missed; or was damaged/lost. 
I'm still behind, but originally I was never going to post anything on these lipsticks. I feel that just about everyone in the beauty community who wanted these did indeed buy them and they all posted their swatches and selfies with them. So, I didn't really feel the need, but since I have had time to use them, I thought I'd give my review on them. So, this is more informative than just swatches and pictures. All but 1 of the lipsticks were new and on the day they were released I bought 3 of the 4 lipsticks at $15 a piece. The one lipstick I could not come to buy was "Punk Couture" which MAC described as a "deep blackened grape". It was really purple to me and I enjoy light purples, but not dark ones.
The 3 lipsticks I bought from the Punk Couture collection:
  • Hautecore
  • Instigator
  • Studded Kiss
The lipsticks came in black tubes that are shaped similar to bullets and have the MAC logo printed on it. 
Here are the lipsticks before they were ever used. They do look quite beautiful if I do say so to myself. In the same order as the boxes- Hautecore, Instigator, Studded Kiss. All 3 lipsticks are Retro Mattes. (In case you don't know, "Retro Matte" is a super matte formula from MAC. This is a step above a regular matte.)
Here are the lipstick swatches. I only swiped the lipstick down my hand once each and that is amazing! You can see how pigmented they are and how nice they apply. From left to right- Hautecore, Instigator, Studded Kiss. The only issue I had with these lipsticks were with Hautecore and you can see on the swatch that it has patchy spots. Hautecore just does not apply completely smooth.
Here is what Hautecore looks like on. It is described as a "true matte black" and this was the only lipstick that was not new to MAC. This was released on Black Friday of the same year (2013) as a special. Although it was said by MAC that this was an early release and that those who did not get it on Black Friday would be able to buy it later when the Punk Couture collection was released, so the plan was always to release Hautecore in this collection -it's just technically a re-promote. As for the lipstick itself- it is matte and it does look nice on. It wears decently, but the application is not smooth. It takes work and multiple layers to build up the smooth and opaque look you see here. Though a lot of people have said the same thing I have about this lipstick, overall it is loved and I assume that is because there are not a lot of matte blacks in the cosmetic world and especially in the major market. This one takes a bit to set as well and in my opinion does not appear as "retro" as the other retro mattes I own. You can see in the picture it does not look as flat as most retro mattes and is almost more like a regular matte. It wears nice though once you actually get the lipstick to your liking.
This is Instigator. This is described as a "deep blackened plum". Well, in the swatches that were released before the collection were released made it look almost black and to me that seemed too close to Hautecore and wasn't worth purchasing. This lipstick is a very nice color and even though it is quite dark, it's still light enough to be worn on quite a few occasions. This lipstick takes a bit to set. The retro matte of this lipstick will show once it has dried and set on your lips, until then it is more like a regular matte. For the most part this lipstick applies nice, but if you have lips that are more on the pigmented side you'll need a few more layers to make it opaque. It wears very nice though. I've not worn it for more than about 5 hours or so at a time, but it has lasted me nicely every time I've worn it.
Finally, here is Instigator as worn. It is described as a "dark oxblood red". This is the one lipstick most people passed on for being "ordinary" or "too similar to others". I understand to an extent, with RiRi Woo just released before and that's a similar (but not exact) retro matte red, but I like it. It is darker than RiRi Woo. Of course me being the odd duck, I choose this one over Punk Couture, which Punk Couture was more sought after. This lipstick applies the smoothest of all 3 and the most opaque. It wears very nicely and I enjoy it. This lipstick sets fast too and the retro matte effect shows through nicely.

Overall, all of these lipsticks are very nice and have that vanilla scent that MAC lipsticks do. They wear nice and I personally did not experience any drying from these formulas on my lips. As with most mattes and especially retro mattes, your lips should be prepped and smoothed before applying for best performance and appearance. You cannot buy these lipsticks anymore in stores, but there are a lot still available for sale by individuals and the prices are around $30-$45 depending on which lipstick and who is selling it. If you don't feel like overpaying you can wait for a re-release. I have a good feeling all of these lipsticks will be available again at some point.

Leave all questions and comments below, and if you have your own review of any of these lipsticks then please feel free to leave your link below!