Monday, January 23, 2017

2017 - New Beauty in the Details

Hello! How is 2017 treating you? The first month is almost over! I've been away for 8 months and that was due to my job. I had mentioned in older posts about such sparse entries, because of my demanding job and it only became worse as time went on. To the point that I really had no life outside of work. Around November I became sick and my final straw with that job was when I was still sick a month later in December, because I could not take time away from work! So, I quit. I have taken time to get myself, my life, my home, and my family back in order. Now, I have more free time and I'm starting to get back to my hobbies, and that includes blogging!

I've come to realize that my beauty and fashion blog need a bit of a change too. I have always enjoyed fashion and beauty as interests on a personal level and as general interest among society. However, looking back I can see that what I originally set out to do, I rather failed at, which is probably a contributing factor as to why I have been away for so long (aside from the whole job takeover!). I originally wanted to make a blog that was a bit different than the other beauty/fashion blogs out there. I didn't want to just write commentary on new and popular products, but rather set trends with whatever I may find in the world - old or new. As well as open up discussion and dialog with others about general information, discoveries, and views. Before I disappeared from the blog scene, I did regularly visit other blogs just for discussion, but I failed to do that with my own blog. So, for 2017 expect to see more "article"-type posts and less click-bait. I am by no means downing anyone who has a blog that focuses mainly on new products, I actually feel there are an abundance of blogs like that out there and are great! It's another reason why I don't need to make one of those! So many of you are doing such a great job with that. I personally am a being that is always seeking self discovery and I want to share that with you all in the fashion and beauty areas of my life. I also love finding beauty and treasures in the world that the majority do not see. I hope to bring a lot of change and positivity in 2017.