Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hard Candy Cosmetics Products for Fall 2013

So, I've said this before- I work for Walmart and I work directly with the part of consumable departments that Cosmetics fall under. Thus, I see 99% of everything that comes in before it hits the sales floor for everyone to buy. It is pretty cool to be able to see up-close what a lot of these things are, but it's not all that special since in today's age you can see everything online before it is in stores. On top of that, my store usually is LATE in putting the products on the shelves and sometimes we are the last to get the actual products shipped to us. (I have noticed that the lower the store number the sooner they receive products in most cases; most stores around here are in the 1,000's, while my store is in the higher 2,000's and we get our products after them.)

Today, I bring you the new products from Hard Candy Cosmetics for this fall (2013). While I was not able to photograph everything, because I had to do my job, I did at least get a picture of something in every category.
Aside from the new polishes coming out, these baked eyeshadow quads are what I am most excited about! They remind me a lot of the ones I received as a gift from Paris, France. (I will one day do a haul post on everything I received from Europe when my fiance went, but it's not actually in my possession right now. He has it and when we finally meet up to move I will have it! Once I am settled in my new place I will show it all.)
As you can see, these are all shimmery and they contain colors that go together. While I'm not a fan of snake print, I am thinking these might be decent quality. They look that way to me.
These say they retail for $6, which isn't bad. When Hard Candy first came out everything was $5, but since then I have seen them come out with things that are $6 or more; their foundations and CC Cremes are more (obviously). I am not opposed to paying a little more if the quality is good.
I actually do not know the official name of this product, because I did not have the time to look. Nor do I have the official names of each quad, but obviously you can tell from the pictures what they are. I apologize for the flash spots, but it was a pretty dark area where I took the pictures and the flash was necessary for you to be able to see the shimmer and colors properly.
I do not have pictures of all of the colors. I know for sure I am missing a picture of the Blue quad. There may have been another, but I don't think so.
Like I said before- The other product I'm really excited about from this company is their polishes! They have some new glitter polishes. This one of them. I definitely did not have time to photograph all of them, but they are all pretty and I want them all, lol.
Here is another glitter one. I have another picture of this exact polish, later. It is called "#729 Emerald's Eye".
This texture is not new to the brand. It's a shimmery texture, but they do have new colors coming out and this is 1 of them. Again, I did not have time to photograph them all. They have a beautiful teal color in this texture that I would love to own!
I'm not the biggest Hard Candy buff, but I believe these fall in line with their milky polishes. I have one called "Gummy Green", but the difference here is that their current milky polishes have dots in them and these seem to have chunks and pieces. All of them have white chunks in them with other colors mixed, but all of them have white. 
They have 2 new Lip Def colors. They look to be sparkly overcoats and are loaded with sparkle! 
They have a pink one too. I only recall seeing the 2 of these Lip Defs, but there may be more that we don't have yet.
They have new Eye Def shadows as well. Most of the colors appear to be light and although they all seem to be loaded with sparkle, which is perfect for the holidays, the shades remind me more of Spring.
They have a few new shades of Lash Tinsel coming out. These look a little nicer than the current ones. They seem to have more depth to them; there is more colors/different colored glitter in them. The current ones seem to just have 1 color in them. I am not interested in actually putting this on my lashes, but they may be nice for a little sparkle on the lids.
They have new Poppin Pigments coming out. Again, the shades remind me of Spring. This set is called "Violet & Roses". I have never tried these for fear of disappointment. Not sure if I'll pick these up either.
They have new Walk The Line liners coming out and these are their glitter liners. The colors all seem dark. I do not have more pictures and I do not remember all of the colors, but here is one.
They also have new That's How Eye Roll shimmers. Again, the colors here are very light. There is another one that is like an off-white. This particular one in the picture is called "Girls Rock".
They have new All Lid Up shadows coming out, which are their creme eye shadows in a pot. The colors, again, are very light. While brown is more of a fall color, there is also a light pink one. The one in the picture is "#742 Fancy Pants."
Last, but not least- Here is a picture of 1 of the new Shadow Dancer duos. These are also creme shadows. There is at least 1 more of these that I can remember.
So, here is the other picture of Emerald's Eye that I was talking about before. This picture, unlike the rest, was taken at my house by my real camera. Someone made a mistake and put this polish out and I bought it. The new modular is set to be done on September-2. This means that pretty much all Walmarts should have these products out on this day, but Walmart gives a week for them to do it, so for some of you that means you might not see it until September-9. If for whatever reason they do not get to it, some of you may be waiting longer, however, they're all suppose to be done by September-9. Some of you may have already seen these products, as some Walmarts are on their a-game and will have these done before the due date. There are some Walmarts that ignore dates and even if it says "do not put out until *this certain date*" they will put it out anyway to clear room for other merchandise in the back. There is also a big saying in Walmart- "It can't be sold if it's sitting in the back." So, some Walmarts are big about getting the products out there for you to buy, even if that means it's not in the right place; you may have gone into a Walmart and have seen products on the shelves that do not have an actual place and are new or a special featured item, but they'll still put them out so it can be bought.

Hope you all liked this little preview. Let me know if you plan to buy anything or already have. I myself and eyeing the rest of the polishes and the quads!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sephora on Groupon!

Check your emails! If you are subscribed to Groupon, chances are you received an email this morning (or should get 1 sometime today) that tells you that you get to "cut the line" and purchase a $10 certificate to Sephora for only $5 -that's 50% off. Already 120+ have been purchased. While I'm sure the cap on the availability is high, I would get on this of you want it. I once decided to wait until the end of the day to purchase a Starbucks one, thinking it would around and it ended up selling out before I could get to it.

(This is from my phone, so I apologize if there are a ton of errors.)

Friday, August 23, 2013

$5 Essie Nail Polish

I wanted to get this out quickly, because I have no idea how long this will last! I just came back from Walgreens, literally just came in and they have their Essie nail polish for $5. The signs do not say how long this sale will last, so I suggest you go out there and get the polish now if you want it. The sign specifically says that it does not include Essie nail treatments or the magnetic polishes from Essie. - When I went in, I first saw the sign on the cosmetic counter and it had some Essie polishes on it, but all the polishes were from their core line; no limited edition polishes were there. So, I was just going to skip the sale, because honestly I do not need any more Essie polishes right now. However, when I went around the corner, on the display in the back of the cosmetics checkout counter there was the limited edition 2013 summer collection and it ALSO had a sign on it, so I grabbed some. When, I went to the register they all rang up the regular $8. The cashier told me that not all of the polishes are on sale, especially the new ones. I asked to speak to a manager, because I swore there was a sign on the actual display. The manager checked and sure enough, I was right. The manager said that this was something that just started and was not in the system yet, so all of polishes I bought had to be manually marked down by her. It was the worth the wait though, because at $5 a bottle that is less than I can buy any higher end polish at Walmart. (Around here Essie is $7.75 at Walmart and Nicole by OPI is $7 at Walmart. All other places are about $8 for both brands or sometimes even more, depending on where you go.) I did feel bad that I held up the line though.....for a long time. There is more to that story and I'll share everything I bought today later. Let me know if you happen to buy anything off of this sale! I have not seen anyone else mention this sale and I would not have known if I had not gone in today.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Late Night Find: Sinful Colors Heart & Soul Collection

So, there's nothing like staying out late and stopping by a Walgreens on the way home to see what you can find. I really didn't find much that was new or that I absolutely had to have. Unfortunately, I have been feeling this way for about a month here in Knoxville. It seems like we are getting less and less limited edition and features for beauty products and we are definitely getting them last. I'm seeing bloggers and v-loggers in states around Tennessee get them in, but it seems to take forever for this state and especially this area to receive anything new.

Last month, a blog I follow, Nouveau Cheap, talked about a new collection by Sinful Colors that had come out. Most of the colors in this collection were new or hard to find. There were actually 3 collections that went together- "Country Chic", "Heart & Soul", and "Glam Rock". Most people saw the Country Chic collection pop up first and a lot of people had the Glam Rock display in their stores. Some stores (as you will see if you click the second link I provided) had a huge endcap with all 3 collections in it. I have been waiting for about 4 weeks for my area to get them and had not spotted this collection anywhere, until tonight. 
The only display I saw was the "Heart & Soul" collection, but the polishes that were displayed were from the whole line they just put out.

Honestly, I'm not thrilled by this collection, but I decided to pick up 2 of the polishes while Walgreens is having their 2/$3 sale on Sinful Colors polishes.
Here are the 2 colors I picked up: #1205 Glimmer & #1199 Song of Summer. Both of these colors are new.
The lighting makes Glimmer look a lot more red than it really appears. It's actually more of a berry color. Also, Song of Summer is brighter than it appears here; the picture actually makes it look very dull. I'm not sure when I'll use these, I'm in no rush, but I thought these would be the ones I would use the most out of the collection.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

CVS Haul & Reviews

Every once in a while I receive coupons or discounts at CVS, because I have a CVS discount card and I enrolled in their Beauty Club Rewards program. I rarely use these, because the most convenient CVS for me does not have the best product selection and these coupons usually last about 2-5 days, so not much time for me to get there. However, this time I did use a $5 off of a $25 purchase and I thought I would share with you all out there. Everything I bought was beauty related and with my own money.

Warning: This entry it pic heavy and very long!

My first selection was the limited edition Wet N Wild Hot Rocks collection. I have been eyeing these since they first appeared around my city and always passed on them, but this time I decided to scoop them all up before they disappeared for good. These didn't seem to sell out around here and I don't see too much talk about them around the beauty community, but I think they look like fun. This is the complete set, all 6 shades. If you have any, let me know if like them!
Next, I picked up 2 of the Revlon Colorstay quads. On the left you have #580 Free Spirit and the right you have #585 Sea Mist
These quads were part of the Spring 2013 collection from Revlon. However, I'd like to point out something- I work for Walmart and when we changed our permanent displays for Revlon early this year, these 2 quads were set in our permanent displays. We have not received much more of these quads in our shipments in the past couple months, but we did have them regularly this year. I'm thinking this may change once they change the modular again and new quads will take their place, but I'm not sure if these quads would really be considered limited edition. If anything, a better term would be "seasonal". I will say, Walmart did not receive all of the Pacific Coast collection; we did not get the gel liners, cheek tints, or limited edition lip butters that I saw on the displays in CVS and Walgreens around here. - Above is a pamphlet that was free that you could take with you from the display they had in Walgreens and inside it explains the collection by Gucci Westman and gives you looks you can create with the palettes. 
Before I get to the swatches, I'd like to say that I have never purchased or used any of these Colorstay quads before, so I had no idea what to expect. Obviously, I was hoping for good results and I must say I was surprised. Also, I'd like to add right now- I did not use any primer in any of these pictures. These are all straight from the palette to my hand!
This is the "Free Spirit" palette. I swatched this one first, because initially I thought this would be my favorite palette of the 2; the colors go together well and I like the overall look of the colors better than the other one. The picture above is with just one swipe of color with my fingertip. The colors didn't perform so great, at least not as I had hoped. The black color was the only color that really seemed like it had any staying power without primer. The lightest blue was a little on the powdery side, but overall these colors are not bad with fallout, just kind of drier than average. I do want to add that I swatch all 4 colors, but the tan shade really blends into my skin (it is the first swatch and really hard to see), but I foresee it being a very good base and all-over color for my eyes, and is actually my favorite of the 4 colors, which surprised me.
This second photo is the same palette ("Free Spirit"), but I went over the swatches a few times to build opacity. The colors are definitely buildable and look better with a few more swipes than just 1. Overall, I'm not that impressed with this palette though. I'd like to wear it on my eyes though and actually try it out. Like I said before, I think the tan color is going to be my best friend as an all-over color and it seems really blendable. These colors do go together well though, but they're also colors that you could get else where in either higher-end companies, as well as in drug store brands. These colors all came out matte, except the black has some sparkle in it, but still looks pretty matte when applied.
Here's where the real surprise came in- Initially I thought I would not like the "Sea Mist" palette. These colors do not look that appealing at first glance and I really didn't feel they went with each other that well. I almost didn't buy this palette at all, but decided to get both since they were a collection together. - Well, after swatching these babies, I still don't feel they go together that well (at least not for my style), but they perform well. The photo above is of just one swipe of color with my fingertip. These colors are shimmery, not matte and you can see the shimmer a little in this photo. They do not have sparkle and you do not need to worry about it being "too young" or "too party-like"; they just have a hint of shimmer that gives it a nice glisten. 
This second photo is of the "Sea Mist" colors with a few layers applied. Buildable colors, but unfortunately, because of light you cannot see the shimmer a little in this photo. The pink color is the very first swatch and it is nice, it's just hard to see on my skin, because I'm tan. (I always forget how tan I am until I do swatches, lol.) Honestly, I probably won't use all of these colors together, but they are the type of colors that give a nice pop of color to a look or give a little pick-me-up for a look without being too dramatic and they perform wonderfully.

Final verdict: These palettes have been around since spring and they are still available. I am finding them still around at Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart. However, the Pacific Coast displays are going away, so they are mixed in with the regular Revlon products, with the exception of Walmart, obviously. So, if you're interested I suggest scooping them up soon, because as I said before- I think they are going to disappear as fall and winter shades roll out. If you're on the fence, I would skip the "Free Spirit" palette. The "Sea Mist" palette performs much better and the colors are nicer, in my opinion; the colors will be nice for fall too. 

Side Note: Like the pamphlet from this collection, on the back of the palettes it has looks you can create with directions using these palettes.
Last, but not least, I bought a lipstick! The Revlon beauty products were "buy 1, get 1 50% off", so I needed to purchase 1 more thing to meet the $25 goal.
I purchased one of the new Milani Statement Lipsticks. I first saw these from YouTube beauty gurus and they were raving about them. Then Nouveau Cheap reviewed them and they all looked so great, so I wanted to get my hands on them. They are selling fast around here, so it's hard to get your hands on them. I have yet to see a full display, as I feel they are selling fairly fast as the stores receive shipments.
The color I bought was #16 Flirty Fuchsia. Let me say, that this was not my first choice in color. Sadly, most of the colors has been tested by customers before me. These tubes, thankfully, have a protective label on the back which you have to peel off to open. -I love products that have safety seals on them, because there are a lot of people out here who contaminate products and it makes me really weary. But enough of that! Someday I will rant about this though, so get ready!
The top swatch is just 1 swipe and the bottom swatch is with a few swipes. It doesn't have the best initial payoff, but obviously a few coats will solve that problem. For the price, about $5.50, it's not a bad buy. If you don't normally wear bright or noticeable colors on your lips, I suggest trying this line of lipsticks so that you aren't spending too much money, especially if it's just for a certain occasion; outfit; or costume. The lipstick has a nice smell to it. As I wrote in previous entries, I cannot stand the smell of Revlon lipstick and if a lipstick has a nasty smell, I won't wear it. There is a hint of that waxy/crayon smell, but it's not too bad. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Make-Up Look for August 9, 2013

These first set of picture are from my make-up for the morning/afternoon of August-9,2013 (yesterday).

Aside from my awesome Legend of Korra t-shirt! (I'm so ready for Season 2!) I used make-up inspired by the blue, black, and purple in the shirt.

Products Used:

  • I started with my favorite primer- Too Faced Shadow Insurance.
  • I used Sugarpill Cosmetics Tako as a white base.
  • I then applied Sugarpill Cosmetics Hysteric all over the lid.
  • The black I used for the outter corner and crease is My Beauty Addiction's Skydancer from their Rainbow Bright Collection.
  • I lined my eyes with Cailyn Linefix Gel Eyeliner in #6 Purple.
For the evening I changed up my make-up just a bit. I went with something a little more fun. However, these pictures were taken this morning. Yup, I have been up all night! I'm a night owl and once I get with my friends we can't stop talking.

Products Used:
  • Same primer and base as before. I applied the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in #15 Blue Paradise. (This was a limited edition shade from this summer's collection.)
  • I then went in with L'Oreal's Infallible Eyeshadow in #342 With A Twist in the outter corner and crease. (This was a limited edition shade from this years Miss Candy Collection.)
  • I used Wet N Wild's #34052 Going In The Wild palette for a highlight; the purple shade in the palette. (This was a limited edition palette release this year for spring and released this summer.)
  • Underneath the eye, on the bottom, I used the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in #20 Waves Of White. (Also part of the limited edition collection from this summer.)
  • I lined the eyes with Milani Liquid Eye #1 Black on top and bottom.

July 2013 IPSY Bag

Am I month late with this? -YUP! Never meant to be late, but I also was not excited about this bag at all. I have yet to even try any of the products. My August IPSY bag should be here Monday or Tuesday, so I figured I would post what I received. Last months bag was one of those bags where people received different things. I was a little saddened that I did not receive any Nailtini in my bag. I have received 2 of those in my bags before and I love those polishes. I also would have liked the Benefit Benetint, but oh well.
Product List
  1. POP Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon ("Fuchsia Flirt")
  2. Demeter Salt Air Perfume
  3. Coola Mineral Face Sunscreen (SPF 20)
  4. Sexy Hair Wheather Proof Humidity Resistant Hair Spray
  5. BH Cosmetics California Collection (sample palette) 
I still have not opened the POP crayon. The color looks nice, but that's about it. I am sure I will eventually open it. I did not see any parabens in the ingredients list.

The Demeter Salt Air Perfume was actually a surprise. I have another roll on from this company from another IPSY bag and liked it, but this one I would actually repurchase. This is a nice and light scent that is very fresh. I actually did enjoy this. These scents are oil based, so they stay well and they make for a good cover up if you ever need it.

I like that the Coola sunscreen is mineral and does not have any harmful things in it, but the bottle is so tiny. I've not used it yet, but I think I might get 1 use out of it. Very disappointing. A full bottle of this is like $36.

The Sexy Hair spray is just okay. I have another from last months bag. It is different. I've never used this brand and I'm thinking of trying it out, but I'm not overly thrilled about this either.

I am not a fan of BH Cosmetics makeup. Their eyeshadows have multiple parabens in them and I have no desire to use it. I also don't think the performance is any better than what you can get at the drug store and in some cases it's worse.

I did a quick swatch and feel of these shadows. The gold and brown shades did seem smooth and pigmented, however the purple shade was stiff and seemed like it would need some work to get good color payoff. I'll probably end up giving this away.

Over all, July was just okay for me. Like I said at the beginning, there were things I much would have rather had then what I received, but I did receive some new and nice things. I have been on the fence with IPSY this year. The first year I started getting these bags it was something new and exciting, but this year I haven't loved the bags. There's only been 2 that I really liked and if it hadn't been for June's bag, I would have cancelled already. The previews for August look good, so I'm sticking with it, but I'm not 100% sure that I'm going to keep with it.

Sugarpill's Asteria

Guess what arrived for me? First let me say, I love Sugarpill's packaging. They go above and beyond with their presentation, both inside and outside. 
As promised, I said I would post my Asteria when it came. It's been about a week, but I haven't had much time to post until now with work, packing, and family matters. However, here it is!
This first picture is without flash. The color is more true-to-color in this photo, but you cannot see the sparkle in it. This is a very sparkly color! However, my home does not get much lighting due to all the trees around and it's been really rainy here this summer, so I don't have much to work with most days.
Here is a picture of Asteria with flash. In this picture, Asteria looks a little lighter than it is, but you can see there is sparkle and glimmer in it. The best way I can describe this color is- A medium-dark orange with tons of sparkle! It is a very nice and blendable shade. It is not too dark to make a subtle look. I did attempt to swatch this on my hand, but with flash and without flash you just can't see it on my skin. Hopefully, I will have a chance to wear this soon and be able to post pictures of it in action.