Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Review: Wet N' Wild Limited Edition Polishes from "The Style Award Goes To..."

After reviewing the eyeshadow palettes from the limited edition collection from Wet N' Wild's "The Style Award Goes To..." for Spring 2014, I have a quick review on the 6 nail polishes that are also part of the collection from their Megalast polish line.
From Left to Right:
  • #34357 Elegance -white frost.
  • #34362 Champagne Toast -light champagne frost.
  • #34359 Sophisticated Lady -light pink frost.
  • #34360 Candid Affair -grey purple with pink iridescence.
  • #34361 Valet Tag -taupe with silver shimmer.
  • #34358 Silver Lining -dark grey purple jelly with silver shimmer and pink iridescence.
Here are swatches of the 3 lightest shades. All are only 2 coats. As you can see, none of the polishes are of opaque coverage. It takes about 3-4 layers to get opaque coverage. These particular 3 in the collection are nothing really unique, in my opinion. Similar shades have been made by Wet N' Wild in the past and some are very similar to their permanent line of Megalast polishes.
Here are swatches of the 3 darkest shades. Again, only 2 coats of each polish are on the nail. Silver Lining is a jelly, but I still feel it'd be better with 3 coats. Valet Tag & Candid Affair can get away with only 2 coats, but I feel 3 was better for my liking.

Final Verdict
Rather than rate each of these polishes individually, I am just going to rate the collection as a whole, because I feel for the most part that they all perform similarly. I'd give the collection a 5/10. These polishes are not that unique and similar shades can be found everyday or off-and-on by Wet N' Wild. They all take 3-4 coats to get good opacity and evenness. For $1.99 they are not bad, but they're also not something I'd rush out to buy. All of these polishes look better over darker shades or solid colors and that's how I would suggest using them.

Review: Wet N' Wild Limited Edition "The Style Award Goes To..."

I'm reviewing the limited edition Wet N' Wild palettes from their "The Style Award Goes To..." collection for Spring 2014. These are just popping up in Rite Aids around my area, so if you feel like you missed out then try checking out your stores again. This collection came out about a month ago and it seems like Walgreens received these first and now they're popping up in CVS & Rite Aid. Last year, the Spring collection was released twice, again in the summer, because it was in such high demand. So, keep your eyes peeled in July or August if you missed out now.

(Feel free to skip all the way to the bottom to read the Final Verdict and skip the details.)
I purchased these palettes for $4.99 each at Walgreens and they only allowed me to buy 1 of each item from the collection, as they only had 1 display and it was in high demand. When I stopped at Rite Aid this week and saw the collection there, they had no problem with you buying multiples. I guess it just depends on location. - Personally, I love the packaging on these. The white "sparkles" (which really are just white printed images to look like glamour and sparkles) are a nice touch and I've never had a Wet N' Wild palette look this cute before.
There were only 2 eyeshadow palettes released in this collection. On the right you have #34356 "Flirting at the After Party", which features multiple shades of purple. On the left you have #34355 "Walking the Red Carpet", which features neutrals and earth toned metallic colors. Each comes with double-ended brush that has a soft applicator and a bristle brush.
Here are swatches of "Walking the Red Carpet". The top row is the left column. The bottom row is the right column. There are no names for these shadows, which is disappointing, but that's typical for Wet N' Wild. I was most excited about this palette when it came out, because of the metallic glitter-like shades, but this was actually a pretty disappointing pallet. Swatched, the shades do not look so bad. The brow bone colors and the eyelid color from the left column matches my skin tone almost exactly, and they're also not greatly pigmented. Most of this pallet is really powdery and makes a mess. The fallout of this powdery pallet makes for a challenge in applying the shadows as well. The gold color is very stiff and doesn't work for much more than a bright top layer over other shadows. The copper color isn't very bright either. Overall, I was highly disappointed in this pallet.
Here is a look I created using MOST of the colors from the "Walking The Red Carpet" pallet. Overall, I don't feel these shadows performed that well. You get about 4 hours with primer before fading and in my opinion- you can get similar colors every day.
Here are swatches from the "Flirting at the After Party" pallet. This pallet was pretty to look at when I first saw it and it definitely goes with the "Orchid" theme of 2014, but it didn't excite me too much before I opened it. I was more intrigued by the glitter and sparkle of Walking the Red Carpet, but after swatching and using the pallets I changed my mind. This pallet here is the winner and definitely worth the $4.99. The top row is the left column. The bottom row is the right column. Again, no names for the shades. The only real disappointments from this pallet are the "definer" shades -they're not as dark as most would like and they're a little powdery. These shades are soft, pigmented, blend well, and have decent staying power with primer. There is a bit of fallout, but nothing too bad. I was very impressed with this pallet.
Here is a look I created using "Flirting at the After Party". I think it turned out quite well.

Final Verdict
Walking The Red Carpet - I give this pallet a 4/10. The packaging is about the nicest thing I can say about this pallet. The outside is cute, the shades are pretty to look at, but the performance is way below a normal Wet N' Wild pallet. The shades lack pigmentation and are messy. The powdery mess really makes it hard to apply the shades and they do not last throughout the day, even with primer. Unless you're a beginner or a just a collector, I cannot recommend this pallet. The only other reason one would want this pallet is 
perhaps for experimenting or if one does not use these types of shades often.

Flirting at the After Party - I give this pallet a 8/10. For the price, this is a good deal. Aside from the outside being cute, the pallet itself is pretty to look at and the performance of the eyeshadows is very good. With the exception of the definer shades being a little light and hard to work with and a couple of powdery shades, this pallet overall performs well. With primer, you will get a days wear out of it and experience just a little fading. I would recommend this pallet beyond collectors and beginners, because it works well.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review: Maybelline "Dare To Go Nude" Color Elixirs + Bonus

I'm now reviewing 2 of the Maybelline Color Elixirs from the limited edition "Dare To Go Nude" collection. I already reviewed ALL of the Color Tattoo eyeshadows from this collection

(Feel free to skip to the very end of the post to read the Final Verdict and skip over the details.)
Left is #105 "Polished Petal" & Right is #110 "Radiant Bloom".

I picked up 2 of the 6 shades that were limited edition. These are the 2 pink shades in the collection. I want to note why I only picked up 2: 

1) They were over a $1 more than the regular Elixirs and I'm not sure why......? They cost around $9.25 and the regular Color Elixirs are around $8. 

2) Up until this part I had never used these before and I was a little skeptical. I heard a lot about these when they first came out, but not a word since. I wasn't sure if they were a fail or just over hyped.

First, let me start off with an official description of these lip products for those of you who are like me and are a little late in trying them out. Maybelline describes these as:
A trio of concentrates that delivers the color of a lipstick, the cushionry care of a blam, and the glass shine of a gloss.
In other words, this is a higher concentrated lip gloss, in my opinion. -With that said, you can not expect the highest of color payoff with these, but do expect more color than the average gloss. I assumed it would be thick, because how else would you get the shine and "cushion balm" texture. Also, while this may last longer than the average gloss while wearing, I didn't expect it to last more than 4-6 hours.
Starting with #105 "Polished Petal". The left is the Elixir swatched just 1 time and basically just kind of globbed on. The right side is smoothed out. It's pretty pale and light. This is the cooler of the 2 pinks.
Here is what Polished Petal looks like on the lips. It's a milky pastel and it definitely excentuations any lines, dry patches, and uneven-ness on the lips. This color is much lighter than my natural color, so this actually gives a light color on my lips.
Here is an up-close view of Polished Petal. You can see this does not give a full opaque coverage on its own. I highly recommend putting this over lipstick. The good thing was that I didn't find this to be sticky, just thick. It does take some work to even out the product on the lips and I did not care for the odor. It seems like the perfume they put in this product is very minimal and doesn't last very long. If you happen to get any in your mouth, you will have an unpleasant waxy taste in your mouth and that's no fun. Overall, I found this to last an average of 2-3 hours on its own depending on conditions.
Here is #110 "Radiant Bloom"This is the warmer of the 2 pinks. The left is when I smoothed the product out and the right is is where I swatched it just 1 time and it just sort of globbed on. Again, these are thick. 
This is what Radiant Bloom looks like on the lips. This is my favorite of the 2 pinks in this collection. It is much more opaque and gives better coverage. This is not as milky and shows up as more of a pastel color. It does show dry patches and uneven-ness if you have any on your lips though, but not as bad as Polished Petal.
Here is an up-close look at Radiant Bloom. As you can see this provides much better coverage than Polished Petal on its own. It's darker and warmer too. It has an average of 2-4 hours of wear time on its own depending on conditions. I did not find this to be sticky either, just thick. The real problem with this color is one that it shares with Polished Petal- the odor or smell is not pleasant. The perfume in this Elixir is not long lasting and its not long after being applied that you will get that heavy wax smell that is not pleasant. It almost smells like crayons. If you get any on your tongue it will be unpleasant too, leaving that waxy taste in your mouth.
Here are side-by-side swatches of the 2 limited edition pink Color Elixirs. From the swatches there is not much difference. It's more of a choice of weather you want a cool toned or a warm toned pink. However, once applied, Radiant Bloom is the clear winner here.
Here's the bonus- After having disappointing experiences with the limited edition Color Elixirs, I went out and bought one from the regular lineup. This is #60 "Nude Illusion", which is a matte nude color that is pretty neutral in tone to me.
Here are swatches of "Nude Illusion". The left is were I just swatched 1 time and the right is where I smoothed it out. I found this particular Color Elixir to be much faster and easier to smooth out then the 2 limited edition pinks.
Here is what Nude Illusion looks like on the lips. I found the "nude" part of the name to be quite true. It pretty much is just a gloss on my lips, which is okay for every day/casual use. This Elixir alone was much more opaque and easier to deal with than the 2 limited edition pinks. I also did not find any issue with unpleasant taste or smell. It has a bit of that same perfume smell as the limited edition ones and then it just fades away as time goes on.
Here is an up-close view of Nude Illusion. It is a little lighter than my actual lip color, but not enough that you can tell from a normal view. It's a thick gloss that I feel goes good on its own or over lipstick. I also feel you get more wear out of this one than you do the limited edition ones I reviewed. This averages more of a 4-6 hour wear depending on conditions. 

Final Verdict
#105 Polished Petal - I give this a 4/10. The formula makes for streaky and uneven application. It takes quite a bit of work and product to even out and give decent coverage. It is not a product that can be worn on its own; it should be applied over lipstick. While it is thick, it is not sticky. The wear time of this particular Color Elixir is less than that of one from the regular product lineup. I did find that this product was less nourishing than other Color Elixirs, but did not dry out my lips. The smell and taste are unpleasantly overwhelming. 

#110 Radiant Bloom - I give this a 7/10. The coverage is decent and this can be worn alone, although it looks better over lipstick. The wear time is less than a Color Elixir from the regular lineup though. It is thick, but not sticky. The formula is nourishing and does not dry the lips. Unfortunately, the smell and taste are unpleasant and overwhelming, and give this product a lower score.

#60 Nude Illusion - I give this product an 8.5/10. This not limited edition and seems to perform better than the limited edition Color Elixirs. It performs well both on its own and over lipstick, and the wear time is quite good for a gloss. It is thick, but not sticky. The formula is quite nourishing on the lips and does not dry out the lips at all. While there isn't an aftertaste to this product, the smell is almost of a chemical-like perfume and does eventually fade. It would be nice if in the future they could improve the smell of the product.

After trying out 2 of the limited edition Elixirs, I passed on buying anymore. However, I am not opposed to trying more from the permanent line as the only permanent Elixir I have tried turned out to be quite good.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review: Maybelline "Dare To Go Nude" Color Tattoos

I'm reviewing the limited edition Color Tattoo eyeshadows from Maybelline's "Dare To Go Nude" collection that was released about a month ago. This collection started popping up in early February for some people. I live in the Northern part of the West Coast and I didn't see it around here until mid-February. The rest of the USA didn't see it until March. I'm still seeing displays pop up around here, mostly in CVS stores. It seems like CVS was the last to get this collection and a lot of people were saying they found big end cap displays in Walgreens, but I never found any.

(Feel free to skip to the very bottom of the post to read the Final Verdict and skip the details.)
I personally found the entire collection untouched (lucky me, I know) at Rite Aid. I picked up all 6 limited edition Color Tattoo eyeshadows and I was lucky enough to score it on a week when it was Buy 1/Get 1 50% off. I also picked up 2 of the limited edition Lip Elixirs that I'll be reviewing later. I passed on the limited edition lipsticks and the limited edition eyeshadow quads; I'm not a fan of Maybelline's powder shadows and the only solid lipsticks I've enjoyed from them are the Vivid's collection.

The shades in the picture starting from left-to-right and from top-to-bottom are:
  • #80 Pure Nude
  • #85 Beige-ing Beauty
  • #90 Nude Compliment
  • #95 Sleek & Spice
  • #100 Caramel Cool
  • #105 Stroke of Midnight
Here are swatches for the first 3 shadows. From left-to-right:
  • #80 "Pure Nude" -this is a shimmery light peachy pink color. My skin tone is a medium-to-tan shade and when I wear this it looks very light on me, almost more on the white side. My undertone also really brings out the peach in it. I only state of all of this, because most of the swatches I've seen on other blogs make it appear more pink, because the authors of those bloggers have a lighter skin tone than myself.
  • #85 "Beige-ing Beauty" -this is a shimmery nude color with gold glitter in it. If you're not a fan of gold then you'll want to stay clear of this one, but the glitter is pretty subtle due to the colors complimenting each other well. This color almost blends into my skin. It applies very sheer and takes a few layers if you're trying to get am opaque look out of it.
  • #90 "Nude Compliment" -this is a cool shimmery brown color. It's a tiny bit streaky when first applied, but is easy to work with and not hard to smooth out. You hardly notice the streaky part.
Here are the swatches of the last 3 colors. From left-to-right:
  • #95 "Sleek & Spice" -this is a warm toned brown with a red tone. This is a metallic. I'm not sure if it was just my pot, because I've not heard anyone else mention this, but this is the smoothest Color Tattoo I've ever purchased. The formula of this shadow is so creamy and smooth, it's like butter. Hands down, the best Color Tattoo ever.
  • #100 "Caramel Cool" -this is a metallic-frost orange-copper color. This was the most sought out color from what I read when this collection came out. I personally am not a huge fan of these kind of colors, but I will say this is a nice color and it applies, blends, and performs well.
  • #105 "Stroke of Midnight" -this is a matte black with silver glitter. Again, if you're not a fan of glitter, you definitely want to stay away from this, as the glitter almost appears chunky because of the matte black contrast. This color was another highly sought color, until people saw swatches. It is true that this color is patchy and streaky. It's not smooth sailing when applied, but it's not something you can't work with for certain looks. I'm not sure if Maybelline intended for this to be more of a finishing shadow than one to be for an opaque look, but I would use it as a finish/top layer. I would also suggest putting it over a black liner too.
Here is a macro view of "Stroke of Midnight". You can see it's matte and the pieces you are seeing are the silver sparkles. It's quite pretty too look at in the pot.

Final Verdict
#80 "Pure Nude" - I give this shade a 9/10. This is a very nice color that performs well. It is smooth and creamy and lasts throughout the day. It blends so well and easy.

#85 "Beige-ing Beauty" - I give this a 8/10. This color looks good blended with others. The glitter might turn some people away, but I personally feel the gold glitter compliments the base color. It's a bit on the sheer side, but that's nothing an additional layer or 2 cannot help. It's not a color to be used on its own.

#90 "Nude Compliment" - I give this a 9/10. This shade performs well and blends nicely. The only reason I took a point away is because at first it is a bit streaky/chunky, but it levels out well.

#95 "Sleek And Spice" - I give this a 10/10. This particular shadow is rated more on the formula than the actual color. As I stated before, I have never purchased a Color Tattoo that has formula that feels so smooth and creamy as this one does. This is like butter for the eyes! Still great color payoff and amazing staying power!

#100 "Caramel Cool" - I give this a 10/10. Another great performing shade that blends like a dream and gives great color payoff! The saying power is also amazing! Nothing to complain about here.

#105 "Stroke Of Midnight" - I give this a 6/10. This shade is streaky and patchy. Since Maybelline has not stated this was just a finishing/top coat shadow, I have to grade it based on a regular eyeshadow. While pretty in the pot, it is not that easy to make opaque and it takes a lot of work and effort to get even and a smooth layer by itself. It does work well over other colors and liner.