Thursday, May 1, 2014

Make It Pink

Well, I've been on a hiatus and it was very unexpected. I am going through very difficult times and it all deals with my family, so it's hitting me hard. It looks to be a bumpy road from here on out and I'm not sure when it will get better, but I'm doing my best to keep going and stay positive. Until everything is resolved, my posts will be sparse, I'm sure. - On the bright side, I have a string of posts I've been meaning to get up and I'm working on them now! Get ready to be pink-ified! I'm really not a huge "pink person", but for some reason, lately, I have been purchasing a lot of cosmetic products that are all in the Pink Family. It's okay though, because it does give me a break from my normal aqua and teal colors I usually purchase. 

I've also been reading a ton of new blogs and I'm starting to link to them. If you're a blogger lover and looking for something new to read then check out my right side of my blog where there are links to quite a few others!